Dr. Knevil Gallery 6!!!!!!!
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More From The Prison World.
This continues, because we can't think of anything else!!!!!!!

A Savage and Crude Transport Company, British Rail, I...I Mean Urko Rail !!!!!!!!
When it became neccessary for prisoners to be transported across this barron world, a rail network was installed to carry the most dangerous of the criminals.

N.B. The system is no longer operational, Britney spears destroyed the rails and blamed it on Urko, who was beaten with a wooden stick!!!!!!

So You Think Your Hard Enough
After Don King insulted Dr.Knevil about his pet frog Yug, the Doctor had the boxing manager turned into a monkey. Don Monkey now works as a PR at Dr.Knevils public layer.
YES I SAID P U B L I C ! Not pubic!

The Original Anex Mobile "Sluty Humper 1"
The first Anex Mobile nicknamed Sluty Humper after Anex's more distasteful habits, is now held in storage on the prison world of Urko 5. Here the Sluty Humper gathers molten dust as it peacefully awaits for someone to fill her up and ride her away.
You can see Eggnolia the beer drenched whor riding the sluty humper !

Right Between the Ears
Even as a child Urko was beaten with a wooden stick. Knevil clubed Urko right between the ears with the mighty wooden stick after mistaking him for Nelson Mandela. Knevil enjoyed hitting him so much that he continued to do it day after day.
Urko was hit so much that he even changed primate species.

Fag-Puss the disgruntled Dungeon Keeper !
Fag puss was found upon the prostitutional mines of Mercury in the future year of 2056, here Fag puss ruled over the miners punishing them with cat knip. Fag puss now works for Knevil as his Dungeon Keeper.
This picture shows Fag puss completely wasted at one of Boob jobs notorius hem parties.

Britney has Been Spotted launch the De-diva-nator Urkocet5!
Urkocet 5 the most advanced air to ape missile in the world can be used for other purposes than just hitting monkeys. Here we see it hurtling towards Britney spears (excellent) she "dives me crazy". Unfortunately it looks like urko was trying to disable the missile at the time of launch to stop himself from meating its wrath. He we can see him soiling himself in fear.
Note: Burnt monkey brains were served for dinner at the layer and Urko(what was left of him) was beaten with a wooden stick.

The Last picture Now Dr.Knevil must Chase Urko all the Way to the new Website
Urko is once again using his enhanced rocket sled (which Dr.Knevil forgot to throw in the bin (dentures mouth)), to escape the doctors barely secret downtown layer and the malevolent wooden stick which beats him most rapidly and frequently. Dr.Knevil however in his high speed jet which defies copy rights and his portable holograghic face projector will stop at nothing to catch him. To find out what happens next visit our new website on www.knevil.20megsfree.com . (his gonna get beaten with a wooden stick, who are we kidding)