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Oh com'on give us some credit, we've been working on this website for hours and hours, it's not all that bad, is it?

No, the Anex Mobile, Its been annihilated, totally destroyed!!!!!
A tragic event occured recently, when, during a raid by Dr. Knevils stench men the Anex mobile came under heavy attack. The occupants were the entire crew of the 17th century rock band. Anex managed to escape and inform Sodding Good of the raids. Others were not as fortunate , Frying Tuck was skewered by his frying pan and had to be cut free from the seat and Eggnolia was trapped under a seat for three whole days after which he was cut free, although tragicaly, in he process he lost 11kg's of weight!!!!!
Quiet Dentures!!!!!!!
My goodness, what's this!!!!! Dentures is sneaking up on what lookss like a dangerous creature, most likely one of Dr. Knevils.
Further information indicates that this is actually an escaped genetic offshoot of the monkey chicken DNA. It's believed to be a close friend of Britney Spears(who is infact a martian chicken, if you didn't know that then you obviously didn't read any of photo page 3) and resides in a small industrial chemical toilet where it feeds on; well you get picture!!!!!!

Dentures had better be careful, if that thing sees him, then he'll be torn in-two, arse first!!!!!
BOTTOM ?, No? My arse it's not!!!!
Ha! Wrong again my young freind. It may look like the characters of 'Richard Richard' and 'Edward Hitler' from the brillant BBC comedy series 'Bottom', but if you look very closely, you can see that it's actually Dentures and Knevil. After the axing of the movie series, money began to run short and jobs became few, and the two were forced into a 'flat share'. Lets prey that there's not to be another highly copyright infringing series coming!!!!
The Nun's Abode!!!!
After a stressful time working on Dr.Knevil 2, the evil nun 'Alotta Bondage' returned to her home, a small church on the prostitutional mines of the unforgiving planet of 'Slutonia 6', neighbouring the planet, 'Meeler 5'!!!!!
The secret behind the films!!!!!!!
Urko 5, the wooden stick used to beat Urko, is used frequently by Dr. Knevil. As we can see in this picture, the bat lurks above Urko's head as the doctor expresses his true feelings.
Bright Eye!!!!!!!!
The sun shines out of Urko's arse, as he grins at his excellent new script.
Urko was later beaten with a wooden stick.
Urko's Nightmare
After several years of vigorous testing, the perfect device for dealing punishment to Urko was created. Urko 5.
This device has been utilised by many people, including Dr. Knevil, Dr. Zaeus and even Britney Spears, to beat Urko!!!

Do you like Urko? There's more to come, if you don't, tough S**T.