Gallery 3, of the Dr. Knevil variety!!!
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Oh My God there's MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, be happy, we have much to come in the way of Knevil memorobelia.

The Evil Dr. Knevil is most happy to see that you are still here with us.
Thank God You're still here, Dr. Knevil has set up a device (he dosen't know that I know) but, if you leave the website now, it means that the moon lazer will fire upon the polar ice caps and drown us all.
Remember, don't tell him that I told yo.......OH hello Dr. Knevil I didn't hear you come in; no please don't hurt me, no, NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock 'ard Dentures!!!!
(N.B. I'm the new editor of the photo pages, as the old one disapeared mysteriously!!!)

Dentures has realised that pies aren't the only food and has taken the health life style.

In this image we see him auditioning for the part of the lead character in the original movie, Predator.
Knevil History
In an alternative timeline, Dr. Knevil re-visited or visited the original moon of Knevilia. The grand monument stands tall next to his tomb!!!!
The Angered Knevil!!
Although Dr. Knevil is smiling, he is very angry, and most definitely intends to destroy pete blonde annihalating him most thoroughly.
Pete Blonde has been a curse over Dr. Knevils head ever since he got that jet-pack.
Monkey Inbreds Galore.
After being frustrated by the failed testing of the monkey inbred, Dr. Knevil felt it necessary to melt it down into useful matter. He hates free range monkey chickens.
Monkey chickens were a leathal combination of monkey, chicken, and Britney Spears' DNA(She is infact one of Dr. Knevils beautiful martians chickens).
Dr. Knevil used the chickens to make his own brand of eggs, but they were destroyed, because they happened to be free-range!!!!!!!The doctor destroyed them personally using his laser eyes capabilities.
(UPDATE) Britney Spears has recently escaped from the compounds matrix, if you spot her please remember that,
she's not a girl, not yet a chicken(it seems she was too over-protected!!!!!)Watch out for her on crossroads, remember, shes done it before, and she'll do it again!!!!!!!!
Suck on this!!!!!
The Dr.Knevil campaign poster .Exploiting the full evil of his evil and most feared empire of gnomes and prostitutional nuns.(respect!)
He's CRRRRRRRRRRRRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a handsome beast.(only he thinks so!!!)
Such a brilliant actor, yet he looks strangely familiar!!!!!! In fact it is Dr. Knevil himself. He played the Fernz in the short lived yet highly successful series 'CRAPPY DAYS'.
Time Travel.
In Dr. Knevil 5, Slowly Running Out Of Material, the microwave in his kitchen malfunctioned and began to interfear with a time and space device in his time travelling toilet. Subseqently, a vortex opened up and allowed characters from previous movies to come back and fight!!!! Well the movie series finished in film 5 and the cast struck from the records of movie history.
But Dr. Knevil being Dr. Knevil couldn't allow this, and fought his way back to his kitchen.
Here we see the Doctor himself, travelling through time and space as we know it. HE'S BACK!!!!!!! Look out for him in the next instalment of the Dr. Knevil saga!!!!!
WHAAAAAAAT!!! Three Dr. Knevils?
Don't worry, you aren't going crazy, only we are.
this is the hatching room for the millions of clones that wonder the surface of the earth. If tou see one watch out, they are equiped with flame throwers in their mouths, super human strength and can run faster than a monkey chicken with a bum full of dynamite.
My god Zing, you look as bad as Dentures does on a good day !!!!!!
Through a few years of faithfull service to Dr. Knevil, Zing has proven that he is an invaluable member to the evil empire.
In this particular image, Zing went undercover on a mission in the past timeline, where he tried to chat up Anex to get some information on the terrorist group. Subsequently, he got the shit kicked out of him.
Do I look Great ?
Ha, Dr. Knevil doing what he does best, infringing on copyrights. Here he's shown fighting Pete Blonde above the core of the 'ALMOST DEATH STAR' (hmmmmmm). Will nothing stop this evil genius.
It's too late the bombs gone off, there's nuclear radiation everywhere, I'm mutating; what the hell is that thing!!!!!
Sorry, just practicing for when Dr. Knevil lets off the nuclear device. I may be going crazy, but this is an artists impression of the sky and radiation around the test site of the device over a place called Thatcham.
Genie Of The Crapper!!!!!!
(I'm running out of ideas) In a desparate attempt to become more popular, Dentures tried to impersonate famous characters. In Dr. Knevil 1, it ended when we got bored, and shot the genie from Aladdin, the Disney movie. So Dentures decided to take his place, but he got his head stuck!!!!!

Just stick with us, please visit photo page 4. please, we're not finished yet, just you wait (SHUT UP!!!!!!) I'm sorry.