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You loved the first page didn't you, No don't tell us, we knew instinctivly. well here's some more for you..........
Enjoy them, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the desert moon of Knevilia, the indiginous life is extreamly hostile. On the preparation for Dr. Knevils arrival on the moon, his army came face to face with the likes of the giant man eating monkeys with lazers in their eyes. Also, many a brain was eaten by the vicious SAND VIPERS!!!!
The Mini Monkey!!!!!!
Not a very clear image, the camera man legged it after taking the picture.
But what it shows is the baby monkey, which is just as deadly. It's shown here strangling Dentures, after he tried to feed it ....... with a large chunk of rock, which he thought was a nut (bareing in mind Dentures can't remember what the name of the company he works for,which is also the name of his creator, the nut thing wasn't a bad guess!!!!)
clone no 5875488 has learned the mouth incinerator!
At last one Dr Knevils clones can help him char-grill people!
Dentures has Crushed Dr Knevil!
Dentures has Wrecked Dr Knevil 18th body. Now he'll have to buy another £15,000 six pack body.
Dr. Knevil looking alot more younger than normal: 2 years of age.
The first of the movies, the one which started the ball rolling. Dr. Knevil 1: The World Will Do For Now, showed for the first time ever, the main man trying to gather the army great enough to defeat earths defences and take over the world (With hilarious results!)
Knevil: Predator
Not all Knevil clones look the same, some are genetically enhanced. In this case the most horrifying of all; Prednevil!!!!!

Many, many, many, many, many, many....(e.t.c.) more images to come on Photo page 3.