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The space where Dr.Knevil fans can view endless amounts of pointless memorobelia!
Just kidding, it's all good!!!!!
although alot of it's not actually in the movies, some of them just look good

EGG-TEAM company logo (not used in the actual film!!)

The controls from the"Marley's Angels" aircraft.

Rather worrying! Dr.Knevils Gnomes are on the rampage again!! (help)

Bob Marley's new company logo (curse those handsom devils!!)

The company which specialises in World Domination: Dr. Knevil & Co. "Because we care!"

To the horror of Dentures, he found that he'd melted Knevil clone No. 389990!!

A possible poster for the fourth movie, rather good I think.

Yet another fantastic poster by Knevilarts.

The actual Glasses worn by Dentures (believe it!!)

This is was what happened when we told Chunky Slob he had to go without breakfast!!!! (Very unpleasant for all concerned)

dentures film 1 (Dentures is not amused by this!!!!!! EGG if it was you)

dr Knevils best buddy and his Gnome boy .

who cut dentures bungee cord and who took his clothes and whys he naked(Let Dentures explain.......er, I can't!!)

The Space Vessel Used by Dr.Knevil in Dr. Knevil 2: Marley's Angels

The same vessel after Dentures was put at the helm.

The desert moon of Knevilia, from Dr. Knevil 2

As shown here, the props used are super detailed: This is Chunky Slobs famous rifle!!

Pete Blonde. "To infinity and B-londe!!"

(the real)Dentures "I'M ON MY WAY, SIR!!!!"

As none of us are old enough to drive yet, it was up to the parents to provide the car!

Pete Blonde: "EH' LISTEN UP"

Pete Blonde during one of his many,many transformations.

The Anex mobile, brought to you by the good people at Ford (advertising material..wink,wink....ey! Ford!!)

Pete Blonde in the 'EVOLUTIONARY' process!!!!!!!!!

The final stage, Pete Blonde has become the ultimate.......er, thing!!!

Dr Knevil as Dr Evil (plus indent from Dr Knevil's clone)

Dentures during the break, how many times did we have to stop for him?

What would Dr Knevil and Dentures look like if they had a Pete Blonde transformation.

We don't like this man and have no idea of who he his and what he does, in fact we have never met him: but still, we don't like him!!

Old man's partner in crime, we do believe he is also some other partner to the old man. wink wink.