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The movies themeselves, are odd to say the least.!!!!!!!
If you imagine a combination of Austin Powers (but not as funny), with James Bond (but not as action packed) and a couple of cheesey 1970's Science Fiction movies (but without any special effects)and after all that, combine them with a budget much less than the original Star Trek series. Then you're half way to realising just how poorly these movies are made!!!!!
To finish the custom pages, here's a bit about the Dr. Knevil movies, our favourites.

Dr. knevil 1: The World Will Do For Now ! !
Well perhaps not the best of the movies, but it had to be included. The movie which began the series.
We saw for the first time Dr. Knevil and his loyal servant Dentures planning world domination. It also showed for the first and only time Pete Blonde, and his friend Egg Nog fighting against them.
The movie's story line goes that Pete Blonde and Egg Nog break into the evil underground lair of Dr. Knevil and try to take him out. But the unthinkable happened and Egg Nog was subjected to the nano-technology. His memory was errased and that was the end of the duo . Now, Pete Blonde had to fight all the badguys by himself and worry about the fact that he had to fight his old friend.

The massive task of making a movie like this within a single evening seemed almost impossible, and it was!!!!
The lack of funds and any visual effects in the production made it quite; well, crap!!!!!
The movie ended when we got bored and decided that we'd do a scene in which the Genie from Disney movie Aladdin, was assasinated by the character Boob Job.
The failiure of the first movie didn't deter us, and a second movie was already in the pipeline!!!!!!
Dr. Knevil 2: Marley's Angels
Well it leads on from the last, our last movie made us chuckle slightly. But now we decided that we should expand and make it up to two!!!!!
Much more preparation was taken on this movie, for example a script!!!!!! Another shock was that some ideas were not revolving around a CD of sci-fi tunes where we could nick ideas off the TV.
Dr. Knevil has a dream in which he remembers talking to the legendary 'Bob-Marley' where he tells him to leave off the spliffs!!!(a little contravertial perhaps) and at that point Marley falls to the ground. In panic Dr. Knevil takes him to a stasis chamber, and reveals to the madia that he died of a drugs overdose.
Now in the future, he gets his assistants Dentures and Boob Job(from the first movie) to unfreeze him and bring him to life. In this time Bob Marley manages to kill Dentures and then when in a rage over this Dr. Knevil kills Boob Job acidentally. Marley runs in fear.!!!!!
Later he forms his own team of eleit fighters, a gun crazy fat person, Chunky Slob, a brain dead moron, Johnny Wisbone, and a Welsh person addicted to muffins, Mufftin.
At the same time(god,this is going on a bit, but bare with us)Dr. Knevil makes himself two new stench men. A prostituional nun, Alotta Bondage, and a huge monster type person who's body is made from concrete and Bacardi Breezer, Bacardibreezeblock(tripple B).
Well basically there's a fight and everyone is supposedly killed!!!!!!(THANK GOD THATS DONE WITH)
This movie did infact surpass our expectations, the extensive use of minatures mixed in with us was almost undefinable(absolubte bollocks)and the visual effects are stunning(unfortunately they didn't exsist)overall a brilliant attempt from all of us.

An important point, Dr. Knevil 3: The Egg Team, was a quite good movie, probably slightly better in visual effects and preparation for it. Not in humour though, and after that Dr. Knevil 4: The Time Travelling Toilet. The film was never completed, as time ran out and despite months of preparation went beyond our actual movie making capabilities!!!!!!
Another important note.
Dr. Knevil 5, 'Slowly running out of material', was a surposedly a significant point for this series. After the dissapointments of Dr.Knevil 3 and 4 (N.B. Tragedy struck when we found that film 3's tape had been wiped before a copy had been made, but we still have the memories!!!!) ,we decided that we just couldn't make this series any better, so the script was written for the fifth and final movie the 'Doc' would star in.
As it turned out this one was one of the better ones!!!!

With the series over we tried our hands at another lot of shorter films, a spoof of the classic hit US comedy, 'Happy Days'. Well after the first show of 'Crappy Days' was finished, it was so...CRAP that we gave up.
So, What Now?
Well almost a year has passed from the making of 'CRAPPY DAYS' and hardly a word of Dr. Knevil 6 has really been spoken, except for the odd idea now and again. Looking on, the end for the 'Evil Genius', his friends and enemies has come, and the cast continue their lives. But this cast will still remember an evil doctor and all the tossers who were in the scenes with him.

on that note, I'll leave you, you poor sod who's been brave enough to sit here and read this, with the lyrics to the credits from 'Dr. Knevil 5: Slowly Running Out Of Material'.

(To be sung to the build up and chorus to the opening credits of 'Blackadder; Back and Forth'.Now lets make it proper singing, I don't want to hear any 'Pop Idol' wanna be's!!!!!!)

#This film has finally reached the end,
It's time to face the final curtain,
It drove us 'round the bloody bend,
At last we're rid of this burden.

The last film of the bunch,
At last it's time for lunch.


From all the cast, "F**K OFF" or should that be "GOOD BYE", I can never remember!!!!!!

The End Of The Custom pages....... No, wait, Don't go!!!!! There's more on the website than just this (I Think!!!!!!!)