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This page will explore more of the exciting characters from the Dr.Knevil movies (cough whatever cough); so surf down these pages (not literally dum ass) and explore more in-depth of the characters.
Ummmmmmm read the blue bit again.

The Top Honey/Ho of the Knevil Movies: Anex
Anex (Xena spelt backwards) is a warrior queencess from the 17th century who is a member of Sodding Good's merry men .She has been thrown through many different time zones by Dr.Knevils time travelling bog formely known as the "Turdis".Hence forth she has appeared in several Dr.Knevil movies which take place in the present. Apart from her large busting breasts and sudductive, sexy (yet disturbing) INTERLUDES she was the leed singer of a 17th century Medievil rock band called "The old yee Ball n Chain". Her sumptuous rapping and in stereo boobs made the band a great success, even king Arthur fancied a ride on Anex (the bands chariot (you perverts)). Unfortunately, after one of the band members mistoke his balls for bacon and Eggnolia (backing vocalist) mysteriously disappeared the band was finished. So Anex went on to fight for what was right, going up against Dr.Knevil and co. in a struggle to save and preserve the world from evil - Anex subsequently went on to star in many highly successful German porn films.

N.B Anex first appeared in Dr.Knevil 4 where she was mistoke for a man and attacked by a moth !

To the left is an artists impression of Anex.

Pete Blonde
Pete Blonde Dr.Knevils arch nemesis. With the brain power of an empty Trojan Horse and the skills of Pat Butcher he dares to defy the malevolent Dr.Knevil and co. and tries (tries being the key word here) to succeed against all the odds.
To those unfamiliar with the films (that's probably everyone but the cast), Pete Blonde appeared only in the first Dr. Knevil movie, The World Will Do For Now,
when he and his trusty side-kick 'Eggnog' stormed Dr. Knevils secret underground base. But the story goes that Eggnog is possesed by the Doctors nano ttechnology and becomes loyal to him. Pete Blonde is left to save the world single handedly and face the challenge of fghting his former best friend.
Unfortunately, the movie isn't as good as it sounds!!!!!


Whats wrong screen not big enough for ya !