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As you've herd, these masterpieces contain some of the best performences ever seen (yeah right). How is it possible for these people to bring forth their great acting tallents? By the diverse range of characters they portray(portray, oooooh lah dee dah).
This page focuses on the details on some of the major characters (This is certainly going to be interesting!!).

  Dr. Knevil: Hello as you all probably know I am Dr.Knevil soon to be ruler of the world ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ;oh shit i just typed that.
I am the smartest person in the world in fact as a foetus I posessed the I.Q. of Joanna Lumley (although thats not saying much).As a child I was found to be very bizarre I used ponies as robotic soldiers and I had webbed feet.At the age of 8 I requested from my parents the ownership of my own underground lair , they refused. I subsequently disposed of them using an enhanced flamethrower which I later discovered was my mouth (never buy colgate again).(Or perhaps I will).Anyway after creating my own evil empire consisting of over a million stenchmen, billions of robotic gnomes, a brainless toothless bodygaurd and a postitutional nun I set off to take over the world, or simply destroy it in the process.Either way works for me. My supreme nano-tech skills, scientific genius and great cyborg building knowledge has all gone into building my empire (under the disguise of, yes you guest it "paper mate").
Over the years I have created Denchers, my own personal clones (all 111222203347684 of them), Boobjob(its a person honest), Zing, Toyotttaman and many, many other things Which WILL allow me to TAKE OVER THE WORLD !!!!! You have been warned ,OH CRAP, why am I warning them.
Oh yes and did I mention Yug .........Hey look at me when I'm talking to you; Denchers get the rat poison!
Getting back on subject, Yug is my most loyal, friendly and evil pet frog. He has been enhanced with super powerful cybernetic technology and anti-gravity thrusters, although technically Yug is the living dead he still has more fight and common sense in him than either Denchers or Zing. Plus Yug doesn't leave those strange white marks all over the evil Dr.Knevil standard bed sheets.
N.B. I am paid considerably more than Zing and I won an Oscar for best actor. So did that fool Mel Gibson, what he doesnt know is that I replaced his award with a container containing Knevil poison gas he wont know what hit him, well he might but its highly unlikely ha ha ahahaahahahahahahhahahahah....... I Cant Breathe!

Dr. Knevil (the main man himself)
"Ha you wont be able to recognise me with this blurred photo will you"
(more pics of Dr.Knevil are on photo page 3)
  Dentures (1&2): Since Dr. Knevil started his organisation, he needed an aid. Someone who would sort out the workforce, take care of the business funds, greet the foreign share-holders and kill all opposition which stood in his way.
After a lengthy string of interviews, he could find no-one suitable to fill this vacancy. At the risk of seeming foolish, he borrowed some books from his local library (who said the internet wasn't educational). Amoungst these were "Bio-mechanics for Dummies" and " The I spy book of the brain"(also, a copy of "Where's Wally", but that was for his leisure time). With these books, he prepared to undertake the task of creating a cyborg. After the awkward task of collecting the appropriate materials i.e. scrap metal, a human body and a brain, he began.
Many hours later the task was complete, and the power was switched on (very Dr. Frankenstein). It turned out that his creation was quite defective as it sat up and its teeth exploded!! hence; the name became "Dentures". This still didn't account for the apparent stupidness of it. after extensive tesing it was obvious that nothing was wrong with his wiring and that Dentures was basically a moron.
So Dentures became the first of Dr. knevils EVIL STENCH MEN, it was his job to lead full on assaults on all enemies. But in Dr. Knevil 1: The World Will Do For Now , he was demoted after Boobjob came along! But as he didn't know what "demoted" meant it didn't bother him in the slightest bit.
From then on, Dentures has become Dr.Knevil's personal body-guard, and has failed at that as well, as Dr.Knevil died on many consecutive times. His traditional battle dress includes a thick, black,UMBRO coat, assorted trousers, an old fasioned tin helmet and a high power rifle for defence.
N.B. Dentures also has glasses which he uses to enhance his normal vision (that's just our excuse, the real reason is that the actor who plays Dentures has the eyesight of a colour blind hedgehog;in a bag!!!).

Dentures: as shown, he's not the most intelligent of people or cyborgs!!!
  Zing: After Dr Knevils fist two/three failures (Boob Job, A lot of Bondage & Dentures) he decided to find out the second smartest person on earth (as he is the smartest) to help him out as he was having a hard time building all of his millions of robotic gnomes and awesome artillery. It so happen that the second most intelligent person on earth was a deformed nun who can only say Zing so his name was automatically Zing. Zings main purpose in Dr Knevils evil empire is to build Dr Knevils evil weapons from the blue prints he gives him. As Zing can only say his name he could not complain when ever he put dentures behind the wheel of one of his inventions (nearly 100% of the time he crashes it). Some times Zing shows him self to be more smarter than Dr Knevil but gets put in his place by a lashing of crude insults.
Zing is also one of Dr Knevils best fighters but un-fortunately Zing has one weakness (as shown in film 5) every time he sees Angelina Jolle he has to master bait! But when he unleashes his full fighting ability he one of the best.
Zing first appeared in film 3 and was a big hit with the ladies as they had to up his wage buy a couple of million which made him the best paid out of all the stars (even the actor who plays Dr Knevil himself).
We don't know who broke into the set of Dr Knevil 4 and reviled who Zing "really is" but we can assure you that, really was not him he is really deformed.

N.B: The actor that plays Zing can talk proper English and has a 10inch dick and he's available and willing to have an orgy with as many lesbians that come along! There's enough egg... I mean Zing for every woman.

Zing the deformed nun with an IQ to match Dr Knevil himself.