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The people who make the film what it is, the Cast
The Dr.Knevil series contains a number of strange and totally unique (sort of) characters. These characters range from the insane to the plain stupid.
The acting and the characters in the Dr.Knevil film series are flawless, so flawless that some of the cast didn't even have to act.

Knevils evil (yet stupid) Goons
Oh I'm scared ........By the way i was being sarcastic!
  So who are the characters dammit ?
Calm down.The evil characters are as follows:
Dr.Knevil(and his many clones)
Triple B
Yug (Knevils pet frog)

So who are the good guys ?
There are many good guys who try and stop the evil Dr.Knevil in his plans for world domination.These brave few include:
Pete Blonde
Bob Marley
Little Egg
And many other followers who need not be mentioned for the moment (because theres too many of them,ohhh what a world, what a world).

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Who's side are you on ? Who will win ?
Will you help Dr.Knevil rule the world or will you be boring and fight for what is right.

Watch the movie to find out who wins.

N.B. There's more info. on the characters on custom2 page.

Custom 2 Page

The Saviours:Egg-Team + Marley's Angels
Yeah; like there gonna save the world !

The animal critters of the movies (coming soon)
They maybe cute, but they are cute, ohhh wait a minute.