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Urko, The British Monkey/ Slave!!!!!
Hello, I'm Urko, Dr. Zaeus's enhanced 'Planet of the Apes' monkey. I'm here to give a third person perspective of the four cast members of the admittedly crap Dr. Knevil series (so you can see I'm being honest).

They provide me with insufficient bannanas, which is most cruel. The most cruel of them is the one who plays Knevil, he beats me every day with a wooden stick, and says that all my scripts are extremely useless and crude. Oh!!! Did I forget to mention that I'm the head script writter of the Dr. Knevil movies. I'm also camera man, make up artist and head butler. Quote "Urko is most crude and most definately useless." see, this is what he thinks of me!!!!!! I guess I can't complain, the rest of the cast recieve the same treatment as well!!!

The History or Story Behind Our Site
I, Urko, was captured from the 'Free Range' moon (refer to photo page 3) of 'Gernandez 5' where I was held in Dr.Knevil's matrix with Britney Spears, she also beat me with wooden sticks, I was forced to beat her back, when she said "Hit Me Baby One More Time". Britney was transfered to the prison colony on Mars, 'Urko 5' named after the stick which hit me continuously(why the the stick had a name I don't know). More recently he forced me to write the scripts and create this website. If I didn't he said he would beat me with the wooden stick.

P.S. After creating the website he beat me with the wooden stick.

Others, there are no others, they're dead. Beaten by the wooden stick!!!

I'd love to hear from you! ( Please Help Me!!!!!!)
Email Me

Unfortunately, Dr. Zaeus turned on me with the wooden stick, so I didn't finish this section
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